Transforming Korogocho slum


Indeed a few days earlier, several secondary school students in the middle of the slum praised Emmie’s efforts. Most of them are in school courtesy of Miss Koch’s Education Programme. The principal of Our Lady of Fatima Secondary, tells shocking tales of broken dreams and ills that dog the students.

“Not long ago, some of my students were lynched by a mob for stealing,” says Janet Mabango, adding that girls drop out of school due to pregnancy, while others are married off.

Emmie believes that only education can elevate the people of Korogocho, which they fondly call Koch. However, school fees is hard to come by with Mabango saying most students are in school with mounting fee arrears because they cannot afford a fee of Sh14,000 annually.

“We send them away for the fee arrears once in a while, but we often end up calling them back because keeping them at home is dangerous.”

And Emmie is determined that the ten students they support at Our Lady of Fatima Secondary are not sent away for school fees. On this day, she is accompanied by Suzanna Owiyo, Nameless and news anchor Janet Mbugua. Emmie believes Kenya cannot always rely on foreigners and international donors to solve her problems. This is why Miss Koch has enlisted the help of Kenyan personalities to spearhead the intiative.