Transforming Korogocho slum

Emmie Erondanga, 30, has committed her social life to bettering the lives of her community in Korogocho slums and is a role model to many young people, writes KIUNDU WAWERU

She is in her element. Posing for the camera in different trendy outfits at The Standard Studios. Emmie Erondanga looks like

the consummate urbanite; polished, elegant and ready for a party in a moment’s notice.

In reality, Emmie is quite the opposite. She spends her days in Korogocho slums where she has dedicated her life to support vulnerable youth, mostly girls.

As the director of Miss Koch Kenya, an organisation that has been transforming the Korogocho Slum since 2001, Emmie has her plate so full that she seems to have neglected her personal life.

“I need to be ‘called’ an uncle,” chides Emmie’s younger brother Joshua Musindi with whom she lives with. “I need a nephew or a niece.”

Emmie laughs out loud and says: “Men are not ‘searching’ me or do you think they are afraid that I work so hard?”

But Musindi says this in a light touch. His youthful face gains a serious stance as he says: “I support Emmie in what she does. She is an inspiration.”