40 Nights @40

40 Nights @40 with Suzanna Owiyo…...Coming Soon!!!
This is where it all begun!!~~Rae girls secondary School Music/Drama Club.

Strength of a Woman

Suzanna Owiyo is undoubtedly a household name… her music has over the years propelled her to heights she says she only imagined, earning her a place in the world as an acclaimed musican. For strength of a woman, Sally Mbilu spoke to Suzanna Owiyo who has been referred to as the Tracy Chapman of Africa about her musical journey. Here is her report

Marathon Legend Henry Wanyoike

Great moments with Marathon Legend Henry Wanyoike..Sisemi kitu.Oh yeah he's so funny

Creative Entrepreneurship Course Graduation.

At Crown Plaza this morning courtesy of The Godown Arts Centre, waiting to give my presentation to students during Creative Entrepreneurship Course Graduation.

Music is a special language

Music is a special language that we all share in common. Always a great feeling communicating to a fan regardless of colour, gender, race…This pic tells it all.

Luo Festival

Looking forward to THE LUO FESTIVAL happening on 26th/27th April at the Carnivore Grounds...KANYO KANYO KANYO!!!

Jukua Band at Alliance Francaise

Suzanna in concert with Jukua Band at Alliance Francaise, Mombasa during Fete Dela Musique celabrations on June 21st

Soko Bila Waste Initiative 2013

In our local markets, fresh produce that remain unsold at the end of the day are either thrown away or left to litter markets increasing environmental problems including pungent smells and infestation with rodents that can spread diseases. Food losses and wastage have consequences on hunger, nutrition, income generation and economic growth of a Nation.